Generate more high quality leads, quick and easy to install on your existing website

More and more consumers are shopping online for their next new car purchase and are looking to engage with retailers that offer a deeper online experience to complement the existing showroom visit.

  • Service the needs of online shoppers who are not yet ready to visit your retail outlet.
  • Extend your visitors online shopping experience with our Concierge Service, Sell My Car and Part Exchange self appraisal technology.
  • Manage the expectations of the Part Exchange valuation and build trust.
  • Establish the value of equity in the Part Exchange to improve finance penetration on new car.

What’s the cost?

Close on more enquiries and increase sales

Provide consumers with instant information, transparent-pricing and a non-confrontational part exchange negotiation process.

  • Respond instantly and build relationships with a whole new audience of “In-Market” shoppers providing them with an online one stop shop.
  • Propose multiple cars based on a “Cost to Change” model to each enquiry, providing choice to the customer.
  • Generate a PDF of the Part Exchange appraisal and distribute to trade contacts to obtain an underwrite and improve your “Cost to Change” proposal.
  • Receive instant alerts to tell you when your proposal has been read and the customer is “In The Moment” to discuss further.
  • Engage and build trust with consumers without them leaving your site.

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Generate more profit

We understand that managing margin and being competitive is key to closing a sale. Our Self Appraisal technology is designed to enhance your current website, providing greater opportunities to aggressively purchase the “Part Exchange” to improve the “Cost to Change”deal.

For “Sell My Car” enquiries its a chance to “deal at distance” competing with other third party organisations that are securing good quality virgin stock to either retail again or dispose of via physical auction.

  • Construct deals based on a cost to change model protects margins as apposed to a “race to the bottom” on new car price.
  • Take control and offer consumers more flexibility than other 3rd party portals competing for your business.
  • Purchase virgin stock direct from consumers without necessarily providing the new car. “Sell my car only facility”.

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Our simple to use technology sits within your own corporate website branded to your own CI, offering the following enhancements:

  • Concierge Service – to simply tell you about the New or Used car they are looking for……don’t allow your website visitors to become a lost sales opportunity!
  • Part Exchange Self Appraise – allowing online shoppers to upload images & video, mark up damage or use audio to describe the condition of their car fully to you.
  • Sell My Car – Enables dealers to offer competitive prices (based on Condition) to purchase good quality retail stock direct form the consumer.

Being transparent about the condition of a car to part exchange or sell has never been easier for online shoppers to submit and takes about the same time as submitting a classified advert, all of these enquiries are then presented to you via the admin portal to review.

Enhance your current website with our "Concierge" and "Part Exchange Self Appraise" function to improve your visitors online shopping experience.

Automotive retailers who recognise the opportunity to close on more “in the moment” online shoppers visiting their websites and supporting their digital to physical purchasing journey.

  • Tell you about the New Car they are interested in buying.
  • Tell you about the Used Car they are interested in buying, (if they don’t find what they are looking for, they could become a lost sales opportunity)
  • Tell you about their Part Exchange and its condition complete with appraisal and images.
  • Establish any equity in the Part Exchange to support their next finance opportunity.
  • Buy retail stock offered direct from consumers looking to sell.

Simple to install "Plug In" technology that supports the online shoppers digital to physical buying journey.