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Self Appraisal Technology that captures high quality part exchange vehicle condition

The MyNewCarDeal consumer portal provides retail shoppers with a quick and easy way to create new and used car enquiries and enrich them with their part exchange details.

The part exchange vehicle data is further complemented with the unique “Self Appraisal” technology that guides the user around their car and take a collection of specific images to support its overall condition.

  • Increase your retail opportunities by engaging deeper with the digital shoppers who are not ready to visit your dealership just yet.
  • Manage your profit margins with this “Cost to Change” model.
  • Improve the opportunity of direct purchasing good quality retail stock via “Sell My Car” and “Part Exchange” enquiries.

Become a MyNewCarDeal approved retailer and start receiving your FREE sales leads!

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Review the full enquiry and create deals based on a “Cost to Change”

The MyNewCarDeal admin portal is the business enabler, connecting the online shopper to the retailer. Here the retailers have the functionality to review the full enquiry, including the part exchange with the ability to closely inspect the vehicle images using the “Zoom In and Out” function to assist in establishing a trade in valuation based on condition.

  • Simple to use.
  • Create multiple vehicle proposals based on a “cost to change” model to improve your chances of sales conversion.

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Consumer leads are generated through the consumer portal Prospective buyers visit this site to submit their enquiries for:

  • Purchasing a new or nearly new car only.
  • Purchasing a new or nearly new car with a part exchange.
  • To sell their car directly to the dealer.

As a certified retailer you receive the enquiry alert direct to your inbox. Logging into the admin portal will allow you to:

  • Review the enquiry in more detail, including purchasing budget.
  • Review the condition of Part Exchange and Sell My Car appraisals using the image viewer.
  • Create multiple proposals in response to single enquiries, by offering Brand New, Nearly New and Used improving sale conversions.

Consumer portal

MyNewCarDeal is for Automotive Retailers who want to:

  • Increase online sales generated via the MNCD consumer portal.
  • Manage profit margins using the traditional “cost to change” pricing model.
  • Purchase prime retail stock direct from the consumer.

MyNewCarDeal targets in the moment shoppers that wish to engage further with automotive retailers digitally by extending the online shopping experience to include the part exchange element before visiting the showroom to conclude the deal.

The MyNewCarDeal dealer portal is the business enabler, providing high quality sales leads at low cost.

Consumer portal
Online retailing.