Will your applications work on any device?
Yes, our technology solutions are responsive website applications that work on any connected device and therefore require no downloading of software or investment in expensive bespoke hardware.
Can I change the branding to meet the needs of our own corporate identity?
Yes, all we need is your brand guidelines and we can change the styling to match.
Is it difficult to integrate the technology into our existing platforms?
In our opinion …no! We provide full documentation to support the integration and collaboration with your IT team.
Is it expensive?
In our opinion …no! We also believe that all our propositions are self-funding, making them very cost effective, whilst delivering maximum benefit to you.
Can I have a free trial?
Absolutely…. We can offer a bespoke free trial period based on agreeing your needs.
Can I cancel at anytime?
Yes, but we don’t think you would want to.
How long does it take to complete an appraisal?
Typically it can be done in under 5 minutes, depending on internet connectivity and the smart device being used.
What happens if the user drops internet connectivity during the appraisal process?
Don’t worry, we monitor this and send them an email link to pick up where they left off.
How will I know when we have had an enquiry?
Simple, we send you an alert via email or SMS with a link to the admin system to view the enquiry in full.
How do I respond to enquiries?
We set your company up in the admin portal and then allow you to configure users and access rights. From here you can manage all your enquiries via the dashboard.
What is the purpose of allowing users to 'self appraise' their part exchange vehicle?
Digital shoppers who take the time to appraise their car are more likely to generate high quality leads, with 46% going on to convert to sales. DRS Appraise is a unique digital vehicle appraisal application with a fresh "user centric" design that ensures the capture of accurate vehicle data - the starting point for an accurate valuation and one step closer to securing that deal.
What is the purpose of allowing users to 'self appraise' their end of contract vehicle?
We believe there are many benefits.
1. Its significantly cheaper than a full inspect and collect service.
2. Enables resolution conversations with driver prior to handback building trust and transparency.
3. Supports upstream online remarketing strategies with its enhanced data capture.
4. Make informed decisions on the collection service required at vehicle level.
How do I get incremental sales leads from your lead generation tool MyNewCarDeal.com?
All you need to do is register your interest to become an approved retailer and start your free trial.
How many proposals can I send to each enquiry?
As many as you want….there are no additional charges for this function.
How many other approved MyNewCarDeal.com retailers am I competing against?
Our systems are configured to distribute the leads to the closest 4 retailers that can supply the type of vehicle requested, meaning you have a 1 in 4 chance of winning the business. That said you can improve your success rate by responding to enquiries with multiple proposals including deals on New, Nearly New and Used.
Are you not simple encouraging a “race to the bottom” on new car pricing with MyNewCarDeal.com lead generation?
We don’t believe we are, as we are enabling you to factor in the value of the part exchange. We even provide you with the functionality to distribute the part exchange appraisal to trade contacts in order to obtain the best underwrite, driving down the “cost to change” and protecting retained margin. If you’re still not convinced you could always take the alternative solution which is our “Plugin” technology to maximise your own website visitors in the first instance.