Increase the visibility of your customers cars they wish to sell or part exchange.

Make sure your online part exchange proposition enables your website visitors to provide more information on their own car, so you can respond with a bespoke valuation based on condition.

Web enquiry forms and automated valuations are good, but lack depth when it comes to establishing the condition of the customers vehicle online in order to validate a value.

Expecting the online customer to wait for a call back or drive to your dealership to obtain a final valuation may not be as convenient as you think, and in the interim they are free to shop elsewhere.

Our self appraisal link technology enhances your existing offering, providing choice to your online shoppers and servicing them in a way that maintains their motivation.

Keep your customers engaged in the online enquiry process.


Would you like to provide more convenience to your online shoppers by enabling them to share with you more information on their vehicles condition as part of your online proposition so you can review and provide a value based on condition?

Provide an alternative way to validate a guide valuation also offering choice as to whether your customer concludes the transaction in the dealership or online.

Update your current part exchange and sell my car propositions with time saving enhancements to provide choice and convenience that motivates the consumer.

Take a look at the benefits.


For your customer

  • Takes less than 5 minutes to complete.
  • More convenient at this stage for your customers to interact with you via Text, Email, Live chat & Social media messenger services
  • Sets an expectation between you and your customer that is unlikely to change.
  • Motivates consumers to conclude the deal either online or in the dealership.

For you the retailer

  • Enables you to be more aggressive in valuing the part exchange to drive down the cost to change on the new vehicle.
  • Provides greater opportunity to purchase the virgin used car stock direct from consumers.
  • Establishes a deal in principal subject to the part exchange being as described.
  • Enables justifying adjustments if not as described providing trust and transparency in the negotiation process.
  • Supports both online and physical sales giving customers choice to either visit the dealership to conclude the deal or home delivery key for key exchange.

Find out more

  • Our simple to use technology is mobile, tablet and pc friendly and is accessed via a web browser. Simply type in or share the unique web address link with your customers to start the self appraisal process.
  • Use the registration look up facility to add the cars make, model and description.
  • Follow the guided process and add images to complete the self appraisal process and submit.
  • Receive alerts to advise you that you have a new appraisal to review.
  • Engage with your customer, agree a deal principal and conclude the transaction either online or at the dealership.
  • No complicated IT integration as we create a bespoke link for you to use and distribute via Text, Email, Live chat and social media messenger services.
  • We wrap your branding around our technology to create your very own bespoke self appraisal link.

No complicated IT integration required as we only wrap your branding around our technology to create your bespoke branded self appraisal weblink.

Automotive retailers who recognise the opportunity to close on more “in the moment” online shoppers visiting their websites and supporting their digital to physical purchasing journey.

Motor Finance organisations who want to support their customers:

  • Establish the equity in their own vehicles to support new finance applications and credit approval.
  • Treating Customers Fairly in the Voluntary Termination process.
  • End of contract hand back process.

Enhance your part exchange & sell my car propositions enriching the enquiry processes whilst delivering more choice and convenience to your customers.

  • Part exchange self appraisal web link
  • Monthly subscription from £249
  • Includes up to 5 admin portal users
  • Includes up to 50 completed appraisals per month


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