Drivers can “Self Appraise” their vehicle in just a few minutes

This simple to use technology plugs into your corporate website, enriching the customer driver area enabling them to submit vehicle condition criteria prior to contract end, voluntary termination or voluntary surrender.

  • Opens up discussions about end of contract recharges that may be applicable.
  • Provides greater choice for owners & drivers to agree resolution prior to hand – back, removing contentious issues.
  • Builds trust and transparency with customers supporting the contract renewal opportunities.
  • Configure a range of ‘in-life’, service checking, CSI enhancing templated appraisal forms.


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Easy to follow guided process ensures accuracy and transparency of a vehicles condition for you to review

The Digital Self Appraise technology is an intuitive cost effective solution that drives the behavior of the user, ensuring consistent appraisal data capture, improving accuracy of reserve setting based on harvesting additional data and facilitating growth in the B2B & B2C digital remarketing arena.

  • Works on any connected device.
  • No downloading required.
  • No investment in expensive bespoke hardware.
  • Drives “Upstream” premium remarketing channels.
  • Make informed decisions that deliver cost savings to the “Inspect & Collect” process.

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Take a closer look at the vehicle appraisal and its condition using the administration portal


The comprehensive administration portal “DRS Connect” is the business enabler that receives the driver self appraisal enquiries. End of Contract administration departments  are then able to review and respond with indicative defleet charges if there are any.

Engaging with your customers earlier on in the defleet process allows both parties to make informed decisions, building trust and transparency.

  • Create user profiles.
  • Zoom in and out image viewer to establish condition of vehicle.
  • Create & distribute indicative end of contract recharges prior to vehicle hand back.
  • Manage disputes by increasing resolution options prior to hand back.
  • Create internal & external groups to automatically share information with.
  • Power “upstream” online remarketing channels with imminent vehicles.
  • Self funding solution.

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The self appraisal technology sits within your own corporate website and can be branded to your own CI. Your customers are directed to the portal as part of the defleet process to complete the self appraisal. Drivers follow the guided process using any connected device and upload images and videos with voice audio to describe their returning vehicle fully.

Being transparent about the condition of a car has never been easier and takes only a few minutes to complete, delivering  mutual benefits to the driver and the Fleet, Finance or Leasing company.

The self appraisal technology simply sits within your own corporate website offering drivers the ability to engage with you prior to contract end.

Fleet, Finance and Leasing companies who want to extend their online 1 – 1 relationship with their customers whilst complementing the current de-fleet and kerbside appraisal process by:

  • Engaging deeper with their customers at end of contract time.
  • Providing a more transparent way to discuss end of contract recharges and offer increased options to agree a resolution prior to hand back.
  • Powering online sales platforms “Upstream” with imminent vehicles.
  • Reducing “Inspect & Collect” related service charges.
  • Improving customer service and retention.

End of lease customers complete their vehicle self-appraisal in as little as 5 minutes following the guided process.

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From as little as £5 per appraisal dependant on volume.
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Review your customers vehicle, discuss damage & agree a resolution prior to handback.

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