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Get incremental leads straight to your inbox.

MyNewCarDeal generates high quality leads from online shoppers direct to your dealership, enabling shoppers to simply:

  • Buy a car.
  • Buy a car with part exchange.
  • Sell their car only.
Get incremental new car
enquiries complete with
accurate description and
images of the part exchange.

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Enhance your own website and generate more online sales leads.

Don’t allow your online visitors to become lost sales opportunities, our “Concierge” function enables your visitors to simply:

  • Tell you what new car they are looking for.
  • About their part exchange if they have one.
  • About their car they simply want to sell.
  • Its overall condition from a distance, using our self appraisal technology.
Enable your customers to
tell you more about their
part exchange with our Self
Appraisal technology.

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End of Contract Driver Self Appraise

Driver Self Appraise is a unique vehicle appraisal application unlike any other in todays market. We have adopted a fresh “customer centric” approach to an industry problem by engaging the driver earlier in the returns process, delivering significant benefits.

  • No Software to download or install.
  • Works on any connected device.
  • Back end administration portal to review vehicle condition in greater detail.
  • Configurable user profiles to share appraisal data, connecting internal departments and external suppliers.
  • Branded to meet your corporate identity.
Self funding solution that
drives "Upstream"
remarketing and cost
efficiencies to the
"Inspect & Collect" process.

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Get more information on your customers part exchange vehicle

Our self appraisal link technology enhances your existing offering and can be sent to your customers via text, email, live chat and social media messenger services.

  • Your customers can create a self appraisal for you to review in around 5 minutes.
  • Retailers can be more aggressive in valuing the part exchange to drive down the cost to change on the new vehicle.
  • Establish a deal in principal – trust & transparency.
  • Opportunity to purchase more of the virgin used car stock direct from consumers.
  • Supports both online and physical sales giving customers choice to either visit the dealership to conclude the deal or home delivery key for key exchange.
Send out the Self
Appraisal weblink via,
Live Chat
Social media messenger

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Driver Sales – the most lucrative and cost effective way to remarket end of contract lease vehicles.

DRS have a wealth of experience and a proven track record of delivering this premium upstream remarketing channel.

Our commercial knowledge blended with IT experience has enabled DRS to create the next level of driver sales technology, improving sales enquiries and sales conversions.

  • Achieve higher sales values than traditional remarketing channels
  • Reduce days in stock costs by selling more vehicles upstream

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