Fleet & Lease

Drivers "Self-Appraise"

Providing drivers with a self-appraise facility 3 months prior to de-fleet of a lease or PCP contract has significant advantages to all parties concerned;

  • Engage in hand back vehicle condition prior to de-fleet providing an opportunity to:
    Indicate likely cost of damage recharge to driver.
  • Provide driver opportunity to repair the vehicle prior to de-fleet.
  • Provides you the opportunity to direct driver to one of your preferred suppliers for reconditioning.
  • Provides you with insight into imminent returning vehicles and their condition to select best remarketing channel either online or physical.
  • Opportunity to increase driver sales penetration supports grievance resolution for all online sales channels.
  • Removes contentious issue of damage recharge discussions and supports new business opportunities.
  • Drivers can upload images, videos and even voice commentary to describe the car fully.
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